A taste of the South of France in Nice

“Have you decided what you’re having yet?”

Intensely studying the menu, I’d already had to ask the waitress if I “could have a few more minutes”, pondering which main to have from the extensive selection. With so many delicious sounding dishes on offer, it was definitely a case of having too much of a good thing.

Sitting outside Chez Juliette, a cosy outdoor place with traditionally French vibes, we’d stumbled upon this place after wandering around the old town of Nice for most of the evening.

Yellow pharmacy, Nice, France
The most photogenic pharmacy I’ve ever seen. Only in France would you find such a cheery and bright pharmacy.

After a lengthy decision, my tingling taste buds led me to order ‘A taste of the South of France’ which turned out to be hands down, one of the best dishes I’ve eaten in a long time. My plate was filled with roasted aubergines and peppers, fried courgette flowers and tomatoes stuffed with veal and pork, all on top of a bed of salad drizzled with pesto and a balsamic vinaigrette. My mouth still waters when reminiscing about this dish. The setting, the food and the wine was so good, we ended up eating here two nights during our one week stay.

10 points to you, Chez Juliette.

Chez Juliete, Nice
The most delicious meal at Chez Juliette, Nice – A Taste of the South of France. this was actually so good we went back and I ordered this dish again.

Another of my absolute favourite spots in Nice was Emilie and the Cool Kids which is the cutest bagel, coffee and cookie combo cafe you’ll – probably – ever come across. There is such a welcoming and homely feel to their cafes, serving up all of your freshly homemade cookies and muffin needs, stacked up in against a glass countertop.

Mamma Mia and NY I Love You are my top bagel picks, with the latter stuffed from top to bottom with cream cheese, pastrami – if you’re lucky bacon – avo, sundried tomatoes, salad and whole-grain mustard. What. A. Treat. And if you walk out of the shop without a cookie in hand, then you’re missing out. Homemade and baked on site, fresh, every single day, I don’t even need to justify a reason as to why the cookies are so good, they just are. Emilie and the Cool Kids have a few cafes which can be found across France and there’s even one in Reykjavik, Iceland, so there you are, if you’re ever in the area you know where to go…

As if we didn’t need to eat any more carbs on our week away, we ended up plonking ourselves at a table in Acqua e Farina for, of course, pizza. We definitely ended up gorging on pizza for lunch and as a result, I was too full to eat anything until breakfast the next day. Even then James complained he was still stuffed! Though if there is anything to stuff yourself on, pizza is always a good call.

If in doubt when the hunger pangs strike, a burger is always a good call. So, during a particularly muggy evening in Nice, Big Fernand was our saviour. With our apartment being literally two buildings down the road from this little burger joint, we decided to do a takeout and have a dinner date sat on our balcony with two big juicy burgers and fries, obvs. Tasty, meaty and substantial, these burgers were a delicious treat. And don’t even get me started on the chips.

Now, the final point on my food highlights tour in Nice is neither food nor fancy, but it was, however, fun, tacky and cheap, all of which are required when on holiday. Serving up €5 Mojitos, all day, every day, was La Shounga. I’m not claiming these to be the best mojitos in the city by any means, but they were tasty and made for a fun evening resulting in myself giving an MTV Cribs walkthrough of our apartment, now ingrained in history on my Insta story highlights…

At the end of our week-long trip to the South of France, it was clear the French have their priorities in order when it comes to food. Often the most difficult decision was picking a tasty dish off the menu and we were never disappointed when it finally arrived in front of us.

Blue sea, Nice, France
Nice, France

There really is nothing better than sitting down in a lovely restaurant with your favourite person, after a morning of exploring a local neighbourhood and an afternoon of lazying around on the beach and jumping into the sea.

Good food brings you closer to your surroundings and Nice definitely has this figured out to a tee, for a true taste of the South of France.

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