Bombas, Churros, Cronuts and Paella in Barcelona

Before flying out to Barcelona, we had rather quickly, assumed that tapas is the main offering in this vibrant city. How wrong we were though.

There is so much more on offer than these just these bite-sized aperitifs, although they still deserve a mention, as some of the dishes we tried were absolutely delicious.

So once we had landed, we listened to our tummies and headed straight to a tapas bar on the beach front, which was everything we needed after our early morning flight.

You can read the low-down on where to stay and how to get around Barcelona here.

Churros con chocolate

I had been looking forward to trying some proper Spanish churros as soon as we had booked our flights – all the way back in January. Even the thought of those long tubes of fried batter dipped in thick, oozy, melted dark chocolate is guaranteed to get my taste buds tingling. Our first taste of these hot delights was at Grandja M. Viader, whilst they’re widely known for their hot chocolate topped with freshly whipped cream, they’re also a dab hand at churros.


Churros and chocolate at Granja M. Viader
Couldn’t help but indulge at Granja M. Viader with fresh churros and dipping chocolate as hot and thick as they come.
Churros and chocolate at Granja M. Viader
Chocolate, churros and more hot chocolate with THE biggest pile of freshly whipped cream at Granja M. Viader.


Synonymous with Spain, obviously paella features in this must-eat list of food to try in Barcelona. Often made with seafood, this dish is not exclusive to meat and fish lovers, with vegetarian options being found in most places around the city. Amongst locals, paella is known as a celebration dish and it’s easy to see why as it’s a grand affair when the meal is brought to the table on a huge platter ready for sharing.

Beachside Bacoa Burger, Barcelona
Beachside views at Bacoa Burger in Barcelona.

Pan con Tomate – 

Translated to bread with tomato, this is a staple in Catalan tapas and is incredibly simple to prepare, which could be why this is such a classic dish. Ripe tomatoes are rubbed into crusty bread which is then drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with salt just before being served, which is just d-e-licious.

Graffiti is notorious in Barcelona and we stumbled upon these realistic squirrels after wandering down a narrow backroad in one of the old town districts of Raval, El Born and Barri Gotic in Barcelona.

Patatas Bravas

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes! For the carb lovers amongst us, this dish is just that, and it tastes exactly how you would imagine. Crispy squares of fried potato covered in a spicy tomato sauce were brought over to our table along with a generous goblet of sangria (the best sight I ever did see). Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, that’s when they rolled the following dish out to our table…

Tapas and sangria by the sea, Barcelona
Where did we go straight after landing in Barcelona I hear you ask? To he beach front spot of Tapa Tapa for tapas and sangria of course.


My mouth is watering just thinking of taking a bite into one of these tennis ball sized masses of deep-fried potato. A bombas is essentially a potato croquette on steroids. The tastiest bombas that I tried was stuffed with pancetta and cheese – a real match made in heaven.

Cronuts and doughnuts –

Ok, perhaps not traditionally associated with Barcelona, but the afternoon which we stumbled upon these incredible cronuts and doughnuts is still vivid in my mind. Venture over to Chök on Carrer del Carme (just off La Ramblas) and prepare yourself to take at least 10 minutes holding up the queue, contemplating what to try whilst in awe of the chocolate-filled counters. From matcha and strawberry jam to custard and creme brulee, the only issue I had was choosing what to order. In the end, we plumped for a matcha cronut and a chunky chocolate dipped cookie – which FYI was the size of my face. Calories well spent.

Chok bringing the goods on a daily basis, serving up cronuts, donuts and cookies to the crowds, every day in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona


No don’t worry, I realise I’m writing about Barcelona and not Italy and this might be considered a rogue choice to state it as some of the best food I ate in Barcelona, but a little pizza spot known as La Pizza Pazza saved us one more than one late night occasion. Hidden down the back-streets, this joint is where to head for pizza-by-the-slice goodness. I know what you’re thinking…

“It probably only seemed like the best pizza EVER because of all those glasses of sangria”

Wrong. We even went in for a little snackette mid-day just because we were passing and I can guarantee it tasted just as good then as it did late night. So, if you’re ever in need of another treat of the carb variety, you know where to go and you can thank me later.


La Pizza Pazza, late night pizza in Barcelona.
Late night pizza in La Pizza Pazza, the best late night pizza spot in Barcelona

La Pizza Pazza, late night pizza in Barcelona.


is Chök? – Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

is Granja M. Viader? – 6 Carrer d’en Xuclà, 4, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

is La Pizza Pazza? – Carrer Ample, 44, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


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  1. Wow these sounds good. There really are nothing like European desserts, as we can attest. We’ve been trying them everywhere 😁

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    1. Aren’t they just! Where’s the best city you’ve been to for a desert?

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      1. Hard question! Probably Innsbruck. We are suckers for ice cream and the gelato there… 😉


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