A Snapshot of Ibiza and Formentera

Formentera beaches
Clear blue water surrounds the idyllic island of Formentera.
Ibiza Town side street
How beautiful are these streets? I’ll take all of the greenery back home with me please.
Ibiza Town narrow street
On the look out for ice cream in Ibiza Town.
Crashing waves Formentera
Formentera had some pretty fierce waves crashing against the rocks.
Pink flowers, Ibiza Town
Couldn’t get enough of the bright and bold flowers scattered throughout Ibiza Town. Love how they can instantly change the mood and feel of an area.
Formentera beaches
Stumbling across secluded beaches in Formentera.
Terracotta Ibiza Town
Terracotta buildings in Ibiza Town.
Cala Longa Bay
Not sure the water could be any bluer even if it tried.
Flower market Ibiza Town
The flowers at this market were beautiful, though they still weren’t a match for the Columbia Flower Market in London.
Ibiza Town backstreet
Ibiza Town backstreets gave us the perfect photo opportunities.
Cala Longa sunset
I mean, seriously… Would you just look at that orange tinge lighting up Cala Longa Bay.

Ibiza Town

Cala Longa Ibiza beach
Summer views from Cala Longa Bay.
Ibiza Town restaurant
Could look at this dreamy restaurant setting in Ibiza Town all day.
Ibiza old town
Always ready for a photo opp in Ibiza…
Ibiza architecture
Ibiza architecture in Ibiza Town.
Views overlooking Ibiza old town
After a steep climb we reached this viewpoint, overlooking Ibiza Town and the stunning mountain range.
Ibiza old town indoor market
Is this not the most solemn looking dog you’ve ever seen?
Yachts on the Cala Long Bay
Wishing I was on one of those yachts on the Cala Longa Bay, Ibiza.
Side streets, Ibiza old town
I love these cute little side streets which are scattered down every other street in Ibiza.
The day we explored Formentera on bike.
Cala Longa Bay, Ibiza
How we spent most evenings, sat on the terrace with a drink overlooking the Cala Longa Bay with the sun setting.

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