Dim Sum, Egg Tarts and Mak’s Noodles in Hong Kong

Hong Kong definitely has that metropolitan buzz encasing it and is one of my favourite cities (high praise). Though before arriving, I didn’t really know what to expect, although I knew I wouldn’t be short of food options.

With a blend of western influences in an Asia metropolis, it’s a truly unique city which has so much on offer, and it would be impossible to do it justice in only one visit!

Here are just a few of my favourite places which I ate at whilst visiting this wonderful city.

Mak’s Noodles –

I’d read about Mak’s prior to flying over to Hong Kong and I was keen to try out the infamous noodles they served up. Despite a bit of a language barrier, the menu was underneath a sheet of glass on the tables, so ordering was fairly easy, although my dad did (somehow) manage to get confused with the numbering system!

It’s a very unassuming restaurant; small in both size and portions. But don’t let this deter you, you’ll be in for some of the best noodles you’ve ever tasted!

Even the former president of the Republic of China has eaten these world-famous noodles!

Maks Noodles, Hong Kong
Mak’s Noodles – aka the best noodles in the whole of Hong Kong.

I got the noodle soup with beef tendon & brisket and prawn wontons which were an absolute bargain. In a light broth, the bowl was swimming in noodles with a generous amount of beef and the most delicious prawn wontons.

Even though the portion sizes are quite small (apparently to avoid the noodles turning soggy) it was still a steal at around £6/£7 a portion. My dad did need to grab a snack later in the evening to fill the void in his stomach, and admittedly, I could easily have finished off a second bowl it was so tasty.

Emack and Bolios –

A hit both on Instagram and in person. Whilst in central we took a trip to Emack & Bolio’s and we were greeted not only by glorious air-con but also the most fabulous and vast array of ice cream flavours imaginable.

Though whilst the flavours are impressive, the real showstoppers are the cones which your ice creams are presented in. I went for a cone covered in melted marshmallow which was then rolled in coco pops; the piece de resistance was then the large serving of cake batter ice cream.

Emack & Bolio ice cream, Hong Kong
Even Elvis wanted a bite of my Emack & Bolios ice cream.

The Flying Pan –

The place where every breakfast lover’s dream comes true. Here breakfast is the only thing served, and it’s served 24/7!

As soon as we walked through the door we could already see it was packed. The whole place was full of Westerners and expats who I can only assume were back for a taste of a classic Full English!

After eating noodles and dim sum for nearly two weeks, I gladly opted for my favourite brunch dish back home; eggs benedict. It was refreshing to have a few home comforts during a trip which had been full of new experiences and a few culture shocks.

I wasn’t disappointed. The portions were huge, and the food was so tasty! It was easy to forget you were in Hong Kong.

Burger Circus –

Again, whilst we were looking for something a bit closer to home for tea one evening, we happened to stumble across Burger Circus. Although the name does sound slightly unusual, I can guarantee the food was not!

It was a very small and compact restaurant but they somehow managed to fit a lot of people into a very modest space without it at all feeling claustrophobic. Burger Circus has an Art Deco railcar diner style, with the staff even wearing bow ties and classic aprons – fun and quirky.

Burger Circus, Hong Kong
Burger Circus in Hong Kong serving up the juiciest burgers in the most retro of settings.

Even though I’m not usually a massive fan of burgers, I gave their classic cheeseburger a whirl, and I didn’t raise up my hopes too much. Looking back, I do feel quite bad about my initial reluctance to try an “American” burger whilst in Hong Kong thinking it wouldn’t live up to any others I’ve had previously.

But I have never been so wrong! It was absolutely delicious, and dare I say it, perhaps one of the best burgers I’ve ever had… It wasn’t too greasy and it wasn’t over or undercooked. It was simply brilliant.

So, if you’re ever in need of a burger whilst in Hong Kong, I can definitely vouch for Burger Circus!

Din Tai Fung –

A one Michelin star restaurant serving up some of the best Dim Sum in the city, and the best part is that it costs hardly anything! The restaurant is surprisingly hidden away, with the entrance inside a food mall.

Once sat down it was very, very easy to order at Din Tai Fung. You get given a menu, then a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down which dishes you would like using the corresponding numbers. Simple.

After reading about the great dim sum up for grabs here, we were expecting to pay a reasonable amount for the food, considering how expensive Hong Kong usually is. But much to our surprise it was an absolute bargain.

If only I could dine here every night of the week!

Hong Kong street food
Wandering through the streets on the main island and

Tai Cheong Bakery – 

Last but definitely not least, this is the home of Hong Kong’s most loved egg tart. Now a Hong Kong institution in its own right, even with 15 branches, the original store in Central is still the most popular.

The vivid buttercup yellow egg custard filling is enticing and the first bite does not disappoint. Warm, sweet and creamy. The tart was fresh out of the over – in my opinion, this is the best and only way to eat a Tai Cheong egg tart.

Unfortunately, I only bought one tart… In glorious hindsight, I should’ve bought a whole box of them.

So I’ll be making sure that the next time I have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, Tai Cheong Bakery is at the top of the list.

Tai Cheong Bakery egg tart
The Tai Cheong Bakery tart of my dreams.


So simply put, as a foodie, Hong Kong was one of the best places I’ve ever been. It has a huge blend of cultural influences which has resulted in some amazing dishes.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for the best food/snack when in Hong Kong? Let me know!

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